Here, the webmaster of is climbing the "wall" of Kiddesvej in the city of Vejle during a race for amateur cyclists.
WHAT IS DANSKEBJERGE.DK? has been on air since December 12, 2006. "Danske bjerge" means "Danish mountains" - an ambiguous constellation of terms, since in general, Denmark is not seen as a mountainous country.

Purpose: To increase knowledge about roads and paths in the most hilly places in Denmark. Humorous twists are definitely allowed, but not at the cost of useful and detailed information.

Philosophy: The terrain in Denmark is underestimated. There may be areas that are indeed "flat as pancakes", but at the same time there are landscapes with significant variations in height.

The webmaster on La Redoute i Belgien, one of the most famous climbs in the sport of cycling.

These places offer both great adventures into the world of nature and fine possibilities for challenging workout or competition. That's why it makes sense to draw people's attention to these places. Several times, I've seen even locals be surprised that they live almost next door to some pretty big hills.

The man behind it: I'm a quite good (not really good) sportsman that likes running and cycling - and a couple of other sports. My longest completed distance on a bike is 170 kilometers, and in a pair of running shoes 42,2 kilometers (marathon). Step by step, I've visited many corners of Denmark, and so I know basically all major Danish hills.

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Language: Most of the articles on are written in Danish. Unfortunately, it's quite a time consuming job to translate them all into English. However, on the frontpage of you can see a short list of translated articles (in the top right corner), including articles about Denmark's 20 highest peaks and 10 toughest climbs.